Skincare is a cosmeceutical range, using cosmetic ingredients in a pharmaceutical delivery system to reach deep into the skin to target new cells and correct them before they reach the surface. Image is different to other cosmeceutical ranges due to its use of vectorised technology, which ensures the active ingredients are gradually released throughout the skins layers for optimum benefits.
Organic Facial $30

Mini Facial

A quick, refreshing facial treatment when the time is of the essence. Perfect for an evening out or a lunch break.

European Facial

Cleanses, conditions, moisturizes, rejuvenates and relaxes the tension of the skin. Unclogs pores and removes all impurities including black heads, white heads, and pimples.

Acne Facial

Combat problematic skin and adult acne by restoring the skin’s balance and reducing the frequency of breakouts.

24K Gold Facial

Treat yourself to a luxurious facial treatment. An ultimate non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatment using a gold mask to lift and firm the skin.

Ageless Facial $79

An effective facial for defending against the signs of aging.

Vital C Facial $79

Reduce the appearance of redness for Dry / Dehydrated or sensitive skin.

 lluma Facial $79

Lighten, Brighten and illuminate the skin for glowing complex.

Series of ageless, Vital C and iluma facial of 6 treatment $420 Save $54+free  post-treatment kit, value of $30

Relaxation Facial $79

Organic Facial  $30


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